At Koala Garden, we take good care of your children. With us, they will grow in a pedagogic, healthy, nice and stimulating environment.   As at home

We believe that the early stages of life are the pillars and the foundation of a well- balanced and healthy adult life. Hence, our teaching team provides, on permanent basis, an adapted education to the age of each child. 

At Koala Garden, we prepare your children to join the kindergarten of the school you prefer the most.  

Since 1995, several generations spent the first years of their life with us. When we see them today, we are proud of them and of what they became.

Your children are the members of Koala Garden‘s ever growing family which grows year after year and makes our joy and happiness.  


Food is an essential element in the growth of children, therefore, we at Koala Garden bring the greatest care to the dishes we cook in our kitchen,  with healthy and fresh ingredients.

  « At Koala Garden, my child eats what he does not eat at home, he discovers new, tasty  and varied dishes… » this is one of the many testimonials we received from moms.  

We are proud to bring healthy and varied food for children.

Activities by age


Between 40 days and one year. The nurse takes good care of them with lots of love and tenderness. 

The chicks

From one to two years 

They initially play educational games : coloring, painting, puppets and many more educational activities. From 18 months, they learn the sphincter cleanliness ( potty) 

The koalas

From the age of two, children access preschool. An educational program is progressively taught to them with a thorough follow-up.

It is at this age that they learn to be independant when eating. 

Practical information

Opening hours

We welcome the children from Monday to Friday, from 7 am till 3 :30 pm

On the other hand, Koala Garden provides the service of hosting your children till 6 pm on overtime basis. 

To meet us