Independence Day

Awareness of the patriotic spirit is made during the Indepndence Day. On the program :  learning the national anthem, flag drawings workshop not to mention the decoration of the nursery with flags and symbols of Lebanon. 

Saint Barbara Day

Disguise is one of the activities much appreciated by all kids. By disguising themselves they create their own imaginary modes. 

Saint Barbara Day at Koala Garden is a joyous feast punctuateds by songs and dances. 


A parade to announce the arrival of Santa ? That’s exactly what’s happening at Koala Garden. The distribution of gifts can then begin. What a joy to see the kids so happy ! 

To You Dearest Mom

It is with great pleasure that we welcome all moms on Mother’s Day. The children are happy to prepare a show of songs and dances that ends up with each child offering a special gift to his mom. 


An egg hunt takes place in Koala Garden‘s yard. Then the kids proud of their hunt, will color the eggs before partying. 

My beloved Dad

Dads have also their party at Koala Garden. There is no place for envy. Father’s Day is very much like that of mothers.  


This is the big party at Koala Garden. It crowns the school year for children in pre-garden. Graduation dress, surprises, party…. Everything is allowed for this important stage in the children lives. 

The presence of parents delights the children, proud to show their joy.